A Communications and Digital Marketing Firm with a Difference

What’s the difference?

Jack Tar Creative provides “Quality Communications” for those of us whose budgets have real-world limitations, yet require excellent performance.

Jack Tar Creative’s experienced marketing communications professionals are capable of crafting strategic marketing initiatives in a creative, unique, and — importantly — cost-effective manner.

Jack Tar Creative partners with clients on either a per-project basis, or, we can drive your communications initiatives from beginning to end.

Jack Tar Creative strives to be your complete communications partner.

Your business. You started it for a variety of reasons, but in all likelihood, a good part of it was that you enjoyed what you were doing. And what’s better than making a living doing what you enjoy?

Now comes the hard part. Whether you’ve been in business for 20 years or one, the goal of being successful (and hopefully profitable) drives your dreams.

Any communications firm can create an ad for you–that’s a widely known fact. However, do you really want an agency designing an ad for you while you are still figuring out if that’s what your business needs? At Jack Tar Creative, we focus on designing effective communications strategies to grow your business. Keeping sight of these goals is what makes Jack Tar Creative an asset to your business. We’re not looking to be hired to perform one-off projects, send an invoice, and collect a check, leaving you wondering if that was the best investment you could have made in your business.

Additionally, you’re working hard enough running your business.

Can you afford the time to research and evaluate communications strategies and methodologies, too? Is that high on your priority list?

It is on ours. You started your business because you enjoy doing what you do.That’s why we started Jack Tar Creative, because for some reason we actually enjoy this stuff.

We’re not here to come to your business and tell you the best way to operate it. We will tell you the best way to promote it. We’ll tell you the best way to get your story to the people who need to hear it. Good, fast, and cost-effective.

Jack Tar Creative offers a diverse skillset, including:

  • Corporate communications strategy and execution
  • Brand strategy, development, and management
  • Corporate identity campaign management
  • Public and media relationsWriting, copywriting, and copy editing
  • Complete graphic-design capabilities
  • Lead generation and direct response programs
  • Competitive and market research
  • Publishing
  • Marketing strategy
  • New product-launch management
  • Web design and marketing strategy
  • May 2021